A lethal combination of sweet and salty

A Professional Speaker

Public speaking has never been a challenge for Michelle. As a young child, she sang to people, whether at home, in a public restaurant, or in church solos. When she thought she wanted to be a professional recording artist, Michelle was invited to sing on the acclaimed Johnny High Country Music Review. In high school, Michelle found a love of acting, performing in high school and local theater.

In her lawyer-day-job, Michelle speaks publicly all of the time in courtrooms, in front of judges and juries.

Michelle took speaker training from Britt and Newman, initially to improve her story-telling skills as a lawyer. Newman quickly recognized Michelle’s ability beyond the courtroom and encouraged her to develop a broader message as a motivational influence for others. Now Michelle is a sought-after professional speaker on legal, business, empowerment, and wellness topics. She serves as a Platinum Speaker with Edge Global Inc. (formerly ZZI) and developed a speaking course based on Britt and Newman’s corporate training module called Lawyers Speak by Design, approved by the State Bar of Texas for continuing legal education credit.

Michelle’s talks include topics such as:

  • Are you couture or clearance? Raising your self-worth
  • The 3 R’s: Reimagine, Reinvest, Reinvent
  • 5 Circles of Gratitude
  • The Thinking Bench
  • Wisdom from Momma
  • Monsters Under the Bed: Conquering Fear
  • Kaleidoscopes: How to Shift Your Perspective
  • Be the Blaze: How To Become a Power Woman
  • Gutter Brain: Get your mind out of the gutter and change your life

Recently, Michelle was accepted as a Professional Speaker in the National Speakers Association, a prestigious organization for paid and professional speakers across the country.

Speaking Topics

Be the Blaze: 7 Steps to Creating your Bonfire

Michelle’s momma told her early in life not to worry about the mean girls. “Just go out there and be the blaze, the rest will work itself out,” she said. In this presentation, Michelle encourages each of us to build our own bonfire, burn bright and hot, and blaze a new trail for yourself.

The 3 R’s: Reimagine, Reinvest, Reinvent

Michelle tells her own personal story of how she reimagined herself, reinvested in her work, and reinvented who she wanted to be. This is a moving and powerful presentation.

5 Circles of Gratitude

Internal and external shows of gratitude fall in five areas – God, Country, Others, Self, and Stuff. Hear Michelle tell you how an attitude of gratitude can make you a more positive person.

Are you Couture or Clearance?

This is one of Michelle’s favorite talks. Many women discount themselves and their value, whether at work or at home. They put others first. Michelle asks us a very important questions – would we find you in the couture section or the clearance bin? Michelle guides us in ways that we can find our value and charge profit on our worth.

Hell on Heels

A hell on heels lady embodies an attitude of toughness and an air of confidence, without losing her femininity. How can you achieve the status of a hell on heels badass? Let Michelle tell you.

The Thinking Bench

The thinking bench is where Michelle sat with her momma and learned life lessons. Let her tell you those lessons.

Monsters Under the Bed

Oftentimes, the things we fear are about as real as the monsters we imagine live under the bed. Michelle says, “fear is a useless emotion.” How can we combat those monsters and overcome our fears?


Kaleidoscopes are one of Michelle’s favorite toys. When you look into one at first, you see things a certain way. Then, if you shift your perspective just a little, things change. Any problem you face is like a kaleidoscope – you can change the dynamic by shifting your perspective.