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oola change the world
Are you living your Oola life?

Oola — changing the world with a word. Today is International Oola Day. Most people are like, what’s is this Oola thing? It comes from the concept of ooh-la-la — that feeling when everything is just going right. The Oola guys — Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy wrote the book about Oola in 2012 outlining a system for maintaining balance, growth and purpose in the 7 keys areas of life. Their system has made such an impact on me and my life since I first read their book and met them 9 years ago.

My life was completely out of balance. I was overweight, stressed out at work, unfulfilled, and in debt. Through their framework and encouragement I lost over 150 pounds, got out of debt, and set a path to creating fulfillment in my life that gives me purpose and meaning. Then, I became a certified Oola Life Coach, trained by the Oola Guys to teach others this life changing system. I began mentoring young professional women in the same framework for balance, growth, and purpose in their lives that I had learned from Oola.
Now, today, July 7th, 2021, the Oola Guys have done it again. They have developed a digital framework to take the Oola Lifestyle and put it affordably in the hands of people all over the world. With a goal of reaching 1 billion people in the next 7 years, they hope to change the world with one word — Oola. Check it out here: Oola Lifestyle digital framework
Are you living your best life? Are you living a life of balance, growth and purpose? Do your feet hit the ground in the mornings excited to take on the tasks of the day that bring you closer to your goals and dreams? Do you end your days satisfied that you are those tiny steps closer to everything you want and desire in life?
This little digital platform will literally change your life like Oola changed mine. It’s $77 for the first month and $47 monthly afterwards. The content is personalized to YOU, creating a unique experience to keep you on track. No risk money back guarantee for 30-days and free to cancel anytime after that.
oola life coach
Oola certified life coach
Click here to join and go get YOUR Oola life!

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