How to Grease Your Wheel of Life


Now that we’ve talked about the wheel of life (see prior post), let’s talk about some things that can help your wheel run more smoothly – grease your wheel.

Attitude of Gratitude

First, approach your wheel with an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude can help in almost any difficulty. Family conflict, express your gratefulness for that person. Problems at work, focus on the parts of your job that you feel positive about. Gratitude can be disarming in any conflict.

Heart of Love

Love in your heart can also change any situation for the better. Just simply saying, “I love you” to your spouse can diffuse a tense conversation. Even just having a heart of love, without saying anything, can shift your perspective when approaching any problem. Remember that you love your friend, even if she’s done something hurtful.


In many aspects of the wheel of life, your own dedication to the goal makes the difference. Your own ability to get out of bed early to exercise will make the difference between success and failure. Working on a side hustle at night, after a long day at your day job, will pave the way to a career change in the future. Self-discipline comes from inside of you. Only you can decide if your goal is that important to you.


Being honest with yourself and others makes your wheel run more smoothly. But integrity goes beyond just honesty. Integrity means making the right and ethical decision even when no one is watching. A friend of mine says, “make the next right decision.” So, even if you messed up in the past, you always have the ability to change the future.


Passion is another one that is self-determined. How important is your goal to you? If you don’t think it is that important, then you won’t be very passionate about achieving it. Figure out your “why” for any goal you have. Define why achieving it matters to you personally. What will be so different about your life after you achieve your goal. Passion is the “x-factor” that can make you want to give that extra effort to cross the finish line.


This is a big one. Ego gets in the way of true achievement. Being humble in your heart and your attitude will grease so many parts of your wheel. Humility in dealings with others will also help you get farther in your life. Remember, there is something to be learned from everyone your come across, no matter their station in life.


Make the wise choices. Think through your decisions and weigh the options. Wisdom is like riding a bicycle. You may not be very wise in the beginning, and you fall down a lot. But all of those times you stumble build your based of wisdom. You learn from your downfalls. And that makes you wise. This is why grandparents always seem to see things so clearly.

Use these greasers to help your wheel of life run more smoothly. Hey, we need all the help we can get!

Hat tip to Zig Ziglar’s teachings upon which the book Oola was based, where I learned many of these lessons.


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