God’s Promise


My mom and I loved to spend mornings together. I’ve always loved sunrises, and so did she, so mornings were our special time to talk about our problems, challenges and whatever was going on in our lives.

She even put a “thinking bench” outside the family house so we could sit there together, visit, and solve all the world’s problems.

As I write this, I’m in Cancun at the “Hell on Heels” conference for women lawyers from Texas, and one of my favorite things to do here is take a long walk on the beach at sunrise. It’s my time to re-connect with my purpose, what my plans are, and to ask myself, “Where am I headed today?”

Sunrise is a great time to ask yourself these types of questions. You’re rested and have precious alone time to think, dream, and plan – all while under the umbrella of a citrus-splashed, waking sky. It’s one of those times when I truly feel the presence of God.

Momma always said that sunrises were God’s promise of a new day. It doesn’t matter what mistakes or setbacks happened yesterday, and tomorrow is out of your control. But right now, today, is a fresh start. So, grab it by the horns and make it your own.

Often, when I’m having my morning walk during a sunrise, I think about when my Mom left this earth to go to her forever home. She left during a sunrise and I know she did it on purpose. Perhaps she’s sitting on a “thinking bench” up there, discussing the important topics of the universe with God. It always makes me smile.

Know that whatever happens today, the sun will rise tomorrow. You will wake up to a new day with a chance to make fresh choices and live your best life. That is God’s promise.

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