A lethal combination of sweet and salty

A Business Coach

Combining her business knowledge of running a law firm and other small businesses for 27 years with her love of teaching and training, Michelle works as a business coach for young entrepreneurs and network marketing affiliates. Through Edge Global, Inc., Michelle serves as faculty for the Edge Elite Business Training Program, where she focuses on marketing and brand alignment. She also participates with Edge Global in their Edge Elite Business Mastermind groups. As a marketing and social media strategist, she has helped many businesses implement and effective and efficient strategy for acquisition of new business. She is in production for a business coaching program for other small business entrepreneurs and professionals.

A Motivator

A few years ago, Michelle attended a women’s networking event featuring two gentlemen, Edwin Britt and Michael Ray Newman, from Zig Ziglar International, Inc. (ZZI). Momma was a big fan of Zig Ziglar back in the day.

Her life changed in an instant when she heard Edwin Britt move through the “4 S’s of success”. Starvation to stability to success are all processes you do for yourself, he said. “Once you achieve success, what comes next?” Britt asked. Michelle immediately recognized herself in that question. The challenge, Britt suggested, was to transcend from a place of success, which is focused on you, to a place of significance, giving back your hard-learned-lessons to others. Stunned, Michelle approached Michael Ray Newman after the event to discuss implementing the path to significance. She shared several future ideas, but Newman looked her square in the eyes and asked the pivotal question, “Why not now?”

Immediately, Michelle examined where she could be significant to others in her attorney-work, but also beyond that role. She worked with a friend to organize a group of women lawyer friends called “#HellonHeels” to be a circle of positivity and empowerment for young and veteran women lawyers alike. That group grew quickly, now boasting over 900 members. The group went from an electronic format to having quarterly in person gatherings. The #HellonHeels Women Lawyers Conference held annually in Cancun, Mexico features group-sourced 100% participation by attendees with feedback touting it as “the best conference ever”!

Michelle also joined Britt and Newman in their ZZI company (now renamed Edge Global, Inc.), to empower and motivate others. As one of six Thought Leaders in ZZI/Edge’s Inside Edge Leadership Forum, Michelle shared weekly live videos on empowerment topics with hundreds of members over a period of two years. She also worked with Edge Global Inc. in their Edge Elite Business Coaching program, coaching on marketing and branding.

Recently, Oola Life Coaching recruited Michelle to join their #oolaarmy to deliver life balance coaching across the country. She looks forward to training under Dr. Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl, authors of the Oola book series, to take their message of oola awesomeness to the world.