Biscuits Are Like Success


Have you ever met someone who always has a reason they can’t make the move or pursue the goal they’ve always talked about? It could be that they’re too busy at work, or the kids have a lot going on right now, the holidays are “crazy” – you name it. There’s always an excuse.

But no matter how long they’ve been talking about making a change, they never seem to take the steps needed to just do it.

This is what Zig Ziglar calls getting cooked in the squat.

Momma loved Zig Ziglar, so I grew up on a steady diet of him and his motivational talks, and he really shaped my outlook. One of my favorite stories was about Zig going to a neighbor’s house and she brings out a tray of fresh biscuits, but they were sad little hockey pucks, not the fluffy biscuits he was looking forward to.

“What happened to your biscuits, Maude?” Zig asked, and she replied, “The biscuits squatted to rise, but they done got cooked in the squat.”

In other words, the biscuits had big hopes and dreams, but outside forces conspired to turn them into hockey pucks. In defense of the biscuits, chemistry was probably the real enemy, but the point stands.

Most of us can relate. We need to clean the garage, but we got sick, so the garage is still a mess. Or we wanted to start a new business, but the economy took a downturn. Or, or, or.

There will always be forces outside our control keeping us from our goals, whether that’s starting a new business, growing the one we have now, getting out of a bad relationship, or pursuing some other dream. If big things were easy, they wouldn’t be big. But if we want to ever see our dreams become reality, we have to find ways to get them done even when work is busy, or the kids’ schedules are crazy, or the economy isn’t cooperating, etc.

Otherwise, we all just find ourselves getting cooked in the squat – little hockey puck biscuits who didn’t pursue our dreams or blaze our own trails.

What’s holding you back? Are you waiting for all the planets to align before you make a big move? If you are, I promise you, there will never be a perfect time. So, don’t wait for everything to be perfect.

Don’t get cooked in the squat. Get a move on, and be the fluffy, yummy biscuit you were meant to be.


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