A lethal combination of sweet and salty

A local Texas company awarded high-schooler Michelle a top scholarship prize for an entrepreneurship poem, which she wrote about Daddy. As an author, Michelle has written 6 legal books. Her first book, unpublished, addressed practice issues in juvenile law. Her second book was commissioned by the national legal publication company American Legal Media (ALM) through their Texas Lawyer Press subsidiary entitled All About Texas Law and Kids (2009, out of print).

In 2011, Michelle found that her clients needed a resource to answer their basic questions when she was unavailable, so she wrote her first self-published Basics of Texas Divorce book. That book, now retired, went through three editions following every Texas legislative 2-year cycle. In 2017, she wrote What You Need to Know About Divorce in Texas, expanding on her prior books.

Michelle writes in her day job where she focuses on appellate family law matters. Through her law firm she maintains two blogs, the Dallas Texas Divorce Blog ( and the LGBT Texas Family Law Blog (

Most recently, Michelle felt called to share the wisdom and empowerment lessons taught to her from Momma, Sandy May, in her first life book Wisdom from Momma.

She does not plan to stop there, as she has two lawyer books and two life books in the works.

Told with the tough-love you’d expect from the powerhouse litigator daughter of a Southern mom, “Wisdom from Momma: Anecdotes and Euphemisms from a True Texas Lady” provides important life lessons with signature Texan wit and charm.

Entrepreneur, lawyer and motivational speaker Michelle May O’Neil published “Wisdom from Momma” as both a guidebook from, and homage to, her mother, Sandra Verdene Crouch May. The book contains life advice from Momma, whose spirit and tenacity guided her and her family through their most trying times.

Michelle shares how each lesson – including “Don’t be Cattle,” “It’s All Just Mickey Mouse,” “There’s Only One Jesus,” and “Fear Is a Useless Emotion” – made an impact on her life and shows readers how this time-tested wisdom can be applied across generations.

As a respected divorce lawyer, Michelle is not one to shy away from difficult topics, and she brings that same candor to her book. She acknowledges her family’s difficulties (her dad battled depression and her family struggled financially) and shows how her mother’s strength and life philosophies were the family’s guiding force.