A lethal combination of sweet and salty

Hi, my name is Michelle

In a few words

Michelle has been described as a “lethal combination of sweet and salty” for her Southern charm and Texas wisdom, which she attributes to Momma. Michelle developed proficiency in writing and talking at an early age, a skill she attributes Momma challenging her to the Word Power vocabulary quiz every month in Reader’s Digest while going up and down the grocery store aisles.

She's An Entrepreneur

Where Momma taught Michelle the wisdom of life, Daddy taught Michelle the wisdom of business. Daddy’s entrepreneurial spirit instilled in Michelle at an early age – he would ask her opinion on business decisions that needed to be made and consider her perspective. If her thoughts weren’t on point, he would explain why, but occasionally she would think of something he hadn’t.

In elementary school, Michelle wasn’t satisfied to run a simple lemonade stand. Instead, she collected rocks and painted them to sell as Pet Rocks in her yard-side stand. When she stayed at her grandmother’s house, she played Jewelry Store with her grandmother’s costume jewelry.

Michelle began working in her father’s businesses at age 12, counting change, running the cash register, and inventorying products. The greatest lesson Daddy taught her during that time was to see the business experience through the customer’s eyes.

In her business classes at Baylor University, Michelle loved the classes about start-ups, marketing, and business problem-solving. The intersection of business and law stirred her soul. Michelle started her first business on the day she passed the bar exam. The office was small and the computer equipment antiquated, but she took off with tenacity and bravado. Her little law practice was profitable in 3 months so she could move out of her parents’ home.

Even today, Michelle and her law partner run a very successful medium-size law firm and a legal publishing company. She and Hubby also have two media companies, a wellness company, and a burgeoning food product manufacturing company. With Daddy, Michelle also runs a real estate investment company.